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Samsung Working On First Ever Galaxy C Which Appears On Geekbench 3

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The rumor that, Samsung is spicing up something new for its Galaxy model, had already hit the market. But it was only a matter of time when we come to know the real secret. Geekbench 3 is a benchmark test for any standard electronics gadget to weigh out its specification parameters.

So, according to the results reveal by Geekbench 3 bench mark test, Samsung is reportedly working on a brand new series to revamp its Galaxy model and they are calling it Samsung Galaxy C. The test also reveals the model number for the device which is SM-C5000. Though the full specification list is yet to be obtained but what we learnt from Geekbench sources is that the device will sport a powerful snapdragon 617 SoC processor having an octa-core CPU and the amazing Adreno 405 GPU. It is also learnt that it might have 4GB of RAM. Nothing more could be obtained and so we just have to wait and watch for any more leakage in specifications over time.


Sources also reveal that the SM-C5000 model was leaked during India’ import export tracking site named Zauba, last month. The show case specified the device to have a large 5.2 inch screen. Experts believe that Samsung is designing this smartphone to take over China market even though it won’t be restricted to that country only. There has been a recent dip in Samsung sales figure in China and Samsung hopes to make a comeback with this powerful smartphone to out-number its competitors in sales next year.

With Geekbench 3 already done for Samsung Galaxy C, it is anticipated that the next test unit where it will be sent for further evaluation is TENNA which is another popular benchmark test for finer specifications. When that happens and gets over, we will have a larger view about its specifications like that of camera and battery and storage spaces. Furthermore, it has been leaked by some insider that SM-C5000 will have Android 6.0.1 pre-installed in it which is very exciting news for smartphone followers.

Galaxy C

Samsung C series is in working state and Samsung Galaxy SM-C5000 will be its first piece. Samsung C7000 is under development unit now. Indian customs database site Zauba also reveals that the price of the new smartphone can be around $200 which is higher than last year’s Samsung J5. Given the Chinese market and its affinity for larger smartphone, Samsung C300 which probably has a sub-standard screen size, won’t be launched any sooner.

The Geekbench 3 test reveals SM-C5000 to have a single-core of 609 while its multi-core figure was 3147. We have to wait patiently for any official news to reveal Samsung’s plan for C Series and its model number with their specifications and price tag. For now, smartphone users are quite exciting to see the model come out in the market.

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