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Motorola Moto G4 and G4 Plus Specifications and Images Leaked

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Motorola’s brand new smartphone Moto G4 is expected to hit the market sooner than later. According to some sources, Motorola is set to release two different versions of Moto G Series, Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. Though this is clashing with LG G4 in name specification, we have to wait to see with what name Motorola releases its latest smartphone. A few photos of Moto G4 are reported to be leaked in a site named NoWhereElse.

The photos seem to show a Moto G Series phone, most likely to be to Moto G4 and it has raised many speculations with a drastic change in its look compared to previous versions of it. It reveals that the bottom speaker has been replaced with a fingerprint sensor which will probably act as a home button as well, quite similar to iPhone. The rear camera seems to have two extra sensors though the specific functionalities of those sensors are yet to be revealed.

Motorola Moto G4

According to experts, the Plus version will have higher specifications for higher-range smartphone users. The normal Moto G4 is likely to have 5.5 inch display. The rear camera might be 16 MP with powerful sensors. The device could come with 16GB of internal storage and the colors will be white and black. At present, we are unsure of the fact that whether the color can be converted to desired color using Moto Maker or not.

The price range is likely to be somewhere in between $270 to $315 for Moto G4 Plus whereas for Moto G4, it could be around $240. Nothing more about the specifications could be learnt at present such as the battery, the OS it will sport, which software it will feature. It remains to be seen whether Lenovo finally have a say on this because ever since it purchased Motorola back in 2014, Lenovo has let Motorola function on its own.

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