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Apple’s MacBook competitor – The 15 inch Gram laptop from LG priced at $1100

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It has been quite a long since we had our eyes on LG’s latest Gram laptop with 15 inch size. But finally the good news is it is going to hit the US market very soon. Just like the previous versions of 13 and 14 inch laptops, the brand new 15 inch Gram will also be a direct competitor of Apple’s Macbook which has the best sales market in entire US. LG is ambitious to take over the present market of Macbook users and therefore they have come up with two different version of 15 inch Gram to suit customers with different taste across all board.

One comes in affordable price tag of $1,100 with classic configuration of 6th generation Intel i5 Core processor and the second one has a higher price tag of $1,500 with a replacement in processor of Intel’s i7 Core processor. But the striking feature which might absolutely kill any Macbook is it weight. With a chord striking weight of mere 2.2 pounds thanks to its magnesium alloy body, it is nearly half the weight of Apple’s Macbook pro. It is ultra-thin with a thickness of merely 0.7 inch that can fit anywhere.

LG Gram Laptop

Back in January, LG brought out the specification of its Gram and it has not changed as of it. It will have a 1920 x 1080 pixel display screen with vibrant color reproduction from any given angle, 512 GB sold-state drive with USB type-c supportable port and 8 GB Ram on top of that. If we take its 14 inch model into consideration, it has double the storage space and a price tag of $100 more. But when we compare it to Macbook Pro, it is still quite a cheaper deal.It will have many powerful and unique pre-installed software. One of which provides you options for adjusting screen resolution depending on mode you select like Reader mode or Movie mode. But its main down-point would be that it still cannot match the retina display of 2,880 x 1,800 pixel resolution of high esteemed Macbook. One of the reasons for that could be the absence of a separate graphics card. Apart from that, Macbook claims to have a battery life of 9 hours in comparison to LG’s claim of 7 hours battery life.

But with the aggressive plans that LG has, we can expect a market shift towards it in near future. LG has gone further to extend its market by making their laptops available in Fry’s, B&H and Microcentre for offline distribution unlike last year when it was available only on Amazon and Microsoft stores.With many Honoree awards in its bag and being the featured product in CSe 2016, it really to be seen how the Macbook users and fresh laptop buyers react to its features and price once it hits the market.

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